Conquering Chaos is the show that connects you to real manufacturing leaders who are defining the future of manufacturing today. World events and industry trends have made one thing clear — it’s not whether you can adapt, it’s how quickly you can adapt. The winners will drive change while the losers will be defined by it. Listen to learn how you too can overcome the chaos that each day brings while preparing your operations for a future that’s full of unknowns.

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Industry Insights: What Hard-Working Manufacturers Really Need from Their ERP Partnerships

Cloud-based ERP, you’ve probably heard of it but are you implementing it effectively for your teams?In today’s episode, we’re joined by Kerrie Jordan, Vice President of Product Management for Epicor’s Data Platform shared the insights on that survey and how cloud-based ERP systems can be effective in solving a significant amount of pain points manufacturers using on-prem and hybrid ERP solutions experience..  Join as we discuss Epicor’s manufacturing insights survey and reportThe power of cloud-based ERP Common misconceptions about cloud-based ERPs How to mitigate  disruption during a migration to the cloudEstablishing the ROI on migrating to a cloud-based ERP. You can read the survey results at this link: Read more

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your ERP? (Probably Not!)

ERP. If you got it, you probably don’t love it. But you know you need it.When it comes to ERP systems, many manufacturers have a love/hate relationship with their solution. But why? At the end of the day, it is absolutely critical for managing what you produce. Is it caused by gaps in the solution? Shortcomings in the implementation? Shortsightedness in the vendor? What is the root cause of the pain? In today’s episode, Paul Tedford, CEO at Synergy Resources, shared his insight on how manufacturers can get the most out of their ERP system, from selection to implementation and beyond. If you feel some of the love and hate for your own ERP system, this episode is for you.... Read more

The 4 Things That May Be Preventing You From Meeting Production Demand

Mitigating risk in manufacturing is a tall task for many companies — especially these days. Everything from supply chain, workforce retention and inflation can hinder a company’s profitability without warning. How can a well lead company mitigate these risks without disrupting the flow of production? ... Read more

The Blueprint for Getting 20% More: Throughput, Quality, & Rewards

There are issues that occur in manufacturing that go unreported because frontline workers don’t feel like they’re being heard by leadership. From quality and safety issues to facility improvements, there’s a sentiment that any feedback will just get lost in a black hole. ... Read more

Lessons from Smurfit Kappa: Meeting Your Customer's True Needs

Lessons from Smurfit Kappa: Meeting Your Customer’s True Needs

Your customers are not just the end consumer, your customers are all around you. They are the employees who help grow the business and the partners you work with to create sustainable products. And if you aren’t meeting all of your customer's true needs, you’re in for some rough times. We speak with John Gossett, US Sales Director at Smurfit Kappa, in this episode to learn more about how he adopted a customer service mindset and the impact it’s had on his ability to enable others to make and sustain change. Join us as we discuss: Which customers you may be overlooking How to identify your customers’ true needs Enabling your customers to accomplish their goals... Read more

Lessons from Yuengling: People, Processes, & Packaging Lines

In today’s episode, Bob Seaman, Director of Innovation and Product Development at D.G.Yuengling & Son, joins to share his journey from the nuclear biz to the brewing biz, going from craft brewer to master brewer, and the lessons he’s learned along the way from major brewers like MolsonCoors and Yuengling. We talk about the thousands of possibilities and things that could go wrong when packaging beer and how he empowers his workforce to take ownership for solving problems. ... Read more

The Factory of the Future: Focus on the Frontline

There is a lot of talk out there in the world about how digital transformation is a people-focused transformation, but the application of that seems to get lost. In order for manufacturers to thrive in the factory of the future, we need to place our focus on the user experience and putting people first. ... Read more

The Problem with Lean: Where You May Have Gone Wrong

Is your Lean implementation a failure? Here’s a controversial take — it very well may be. Many manufacturers halfheartedly try to go lean, but overlook critical components of the philosophy. But when done right, manufacturers can make a huge impact. So what does right look like? Bill Neeve, President at Cycle Time Management Inc, joins the show to discuss the principles of lean management and how to make it work for your company. ... Read more

Back to Basics: Focus on Flow

Manufacturers experience a multitude of challenges today from issues with the supply chain and material availability to talent recruitment and retention. How can manufacturers remain competitive in this challenging climate? Pavel Kuviarzin, Organizational Excellence Expert at Future State Engineering, joins the show to share advice and best practices gleaned from 20 years of experience working with manufacturers to achieve breakthrough operational improvements.... Read more

Company Culture: The Key to Making & Sustaining Change

Jim de Vries, Founder & Managing Director at Enhance International Group, has helped countless organizations navigate change and achieve organizational excellence. He shares why culture is so important to driving change and how to create a culture that supports a resilient enterprise.... Read more

Diversity & Inclusion: Manufacturing Opportunities For Persons With Disabilities

Recruiting and retention come up a lot on this show, and for good reason. They are top of mind for leaders across the manufacturing industry. But Tony Lopez, Vice President of Operations, Manufacturing and Logistics Services at PRIDE Industries, explains that there is one often overlooked group that could help solve manufacturing’s workforce issues—workers with disabilities. Tony breaks down the many ways that manufacturing organizations benefit from employing this untapped labor market. ... Read more

Manufacturing Sustainable Products: How Printpack is Making an Impact

Increasingly, companies are investing in ESG initiatives (environmental, social, and governance). Partly, it's due to a realization of the impact of climate change and a recognition that something has to change. But promising to make a change and actually making that change are two very different things. What are the practical steps you can take as a company to start developing more sustainable product offerings?... Read more

Future of Work: Leading Disruption through Talent Solutions

In today's world, socioeconomic changes are happening at an increasing rate, which means manufacturing organizations must constantly adapt to keep up. Hyobin Sung, Director of Learning Solutions at STANLEY X. Their work revolves around innovating for the future of work, including developing solutions to attract, retain, and empower the maker's workforce.... Read more

The Secret Formula for Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the backbone of an organization's longevity. Without innovation and an incentive for change, the risk of collapse climbs. But it’s not enough to implement a change — you must equip workers at all levels with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to sustain change. Ray Ardahji, Managing Director at MICHIANA LEAN TECH, LLC, knows this better than anyone after over 30 years of helping companies pivot and grow into new systems.... Read more

Supply Jane & Fifo: Getting Younger Generations Interested in Supply Chain

Data is essential to the supply chain process, but it's not everything. It’s a tool to be leveraged by the people who ultimately make the decisions. After all, data without business context is meaningless, or even worse, misleading. Megan Preston Meyer, writer, and publisher at Preston Meyer Publishing, is an expert in supply chain analytics and a proponent of finding the right balance between data and insight.... Read more

Meet the Next Gen of Manufacturers: Tu Cao

It’s no secret that manufacturing and industrial organizations are struggling to recruit and retain millennials and Gen Z workers. As an aging workforce nears retirement, it has become an urgent issue with companies scrambling to fill these positions. So, the million-dollar question is: How can we attract the next generation to manufacturing?... Read more

Worker Retention – It’s Not Rocket Surgery

Many industries are struggling to recruit and retain frontline workers. Manufacturers are struggling to meet the demands of today with fewer resources than yesterday. The focus of this episode is on what you can do about it.... Read more

People Solve Problems

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to empower your people to use their creativity and unique perspective to tackle issues and implement sustainable solutions? If you have, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. Jamie Flinchbaugh, Founder of JFlinch and Co-Founder of the Lean Learning Center and author of the book People Solve Problems, joins the show to explain what organizations need to have in place to make that vision a reality.... Read more

The Next Gen of Industrial Leaders w/ WEF & Parsable

Retaining talent requires you to invest in reskilling and upskilling with a culture of continuous learning in short and convenient increments, and externally, recruiting new talent requires you to partner with universities to train for the skills we need. In this episode, we have a conversation about building the next generation of industrial leaders. ... Read more

Why Manufacturing Needs People Analytics

In this increasingly connected world, data plays an integral role in understanding and improving businesses. People analytics, in particular, uses data to improve how businesses leverage the creativity and talents of their people.... Read more

Evaluating New Technology for Industry 4.0

Everything in manufacturing is in the process of moving from bits into bytes as part of the digital transformation. Welcome to Industry 4.0 — an era in which operations are getting digitized and net new revenue streams are being generated off of this influx of new data.... Read more

Women in Manufacturing: Recruitment and Retention

Manufacturing has had a damaging perception—one where the industry is male-dominated and potentially physically dangerous. Despite the modernization of the industry, more attention must be directed to marketing these changes. Only then will the industry see new employee talent, both men and women, enter the field. ... Read more

You’re Doing Continuous Improvement Wrong

When I say full operational, I mean, from the minute you step onto your site, or into your business and out the door. What's that experience? And that's how we have to make continuous improvement part of the complete structure. It sits hand in hand with health and safety... Read more

Build a Local Talent Supply Chain

There's a big concern right now about how do we bring people into manufacturing? New people, particularly people from the younger generation. A significant portion of the workforce, made up of by baby boomers, they're reaching retirement and in some cases, COVID-19 has actually exacerbated that situation.... Read more

Operationalize Sustainability

There's a plus side to sustainability and ESG. And that's value creation. Large companies now say, ‘If your sustainability program isn't where it needs to be, or you're not mitigating these ESG risks, then you just can't work with us.’ So, it's not an option.... Read more

Save Time and Make Money with Artificial Intelligence

If you have a faster rate of solving problems than your competitors, you're going to be able to solve more problems, you're going to be more efficient, and you're going to be more differentiated. You don't just want to solve the reactive problems and speed up the firefighting, you want to prevent the firefighting in the first place.... Read more

Digital Innovation from Unlikely Sources

How do we get the input from all different personas and archetypes that we have in the organization, not just the predominately looking at those who sit in the white collar office space, but everybody?... Read more

Millennials on Manufacturing

If you're trying to implement automation for the bottom line, and you're making your workers' tasks more difficult, those workers aren't going to be your workers for long. Companies who are not willing to implement and take new technology and evolve as a process just won't be relevant.... Read more

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Leading to Change

Change is inevitable. Investing in change is critical. If you’re just placing safe bets, you’re not going to be moving at the speed of business today. If you don’t pay the cost to fail, you will not be paying the cost to win.... Read more

Why Sustainability is Your Competitive Edge

By 2025, at least 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. To attract and retain a younger workforce, you must empower the workforce through leading the charge on sustainability. Utilizing sustainability as a competitive edge will be the key to longevity within the manufacturing industry. ... Read more

About the Host

Josh Santo is the host for Conquering Chaos. He’s spent the past 4 years listening to and learning from workers on the frontlines of manufacturing.

His passions of solving problems, technology, learning, and people converge in these conversations — giving the broader community a one-stop shop to get connected to the people and innovations defining the future of the manufacturing industry.

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