What's a use case?

It could be a pre-trip inspection, a checklist at the start of every shift, or photo evidence captured during operator rounds. Whatever processes you have in place or need to create, Parsable quickly digitizes them to have you mobile-ready on day 1.

Take a look below at some of the use cases at work for our customers. Looking for others? Let’s talk!



Safety Rounds

Job Safety Analysis

Near Miss Incident Reporting

Safety at scale is more critical than ever. Are your workers safe and compliant? Parsable can help.


  • Procedural Adherence
  • Line Changeovers
  • Contractor Management
  • Shift Handoff

Optimize your operation for maximum throughput across shifts by going mobile-first, with digital work instructions and checklists.


  • Product Release
  • Visual Inspection
  • Remote Inspection
  • LPAs/Audit Traceability
Laptop and mobile phone displaying the Parsable platform.

Streamline quality assurance (QA), audit and certification processes, while providing visibility into execution and compliance.


  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Standard Procedures
  • Troubleshoot & Repair
  • Turnaround & Shutdown

Digitized maintenance processes reduce non-productive time by enabling operators and maintenance technicians to immediately collaborate, remotely or on the spot.

Supply Chain

  • Goods Receipt
  • Material Inspection
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Certificate of Destruction

Collaboration is imperative for supply chain efficiency. Digitizing SOPs increases collaboration while reducing waste, standardizing inspections and enabling compliance controls.

Continuous Improvement

  • Best Practice Identification
  • Bottleneck Improvements
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Corrective & Preventive Actions

Parsable supports and makes practical the principles of World Class Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean, Total Productive Maintenance, 5S, or Just In Time (JIT).