Achieve on-time & error-free maintenance

Today’s increased operational complexity means that effective maintenance is both more important and more challenging than ever. Equip your maintenance teams with the modern digital tools they need to manage and continuously improve work processes.

“In maintenance, ERP systems record that the maintenance work happened, but they don’t record the metadata about how things actually happen. Parsable does.”

Chief Innovation and Information Technology Officer
Global dairy products manufacturer

Better visibility offers greater efficiencies

Current systems and hardware can record the “what” and “when” of machine errors and deviations, but they don’t tell you the “why.” With Connected Worker by Parsable, you can capture detailed metadata about the work performed leading up to the error or breakdown, like what steps were done out of order or why equipment was maneuvered in a specific way.

With this new visibility, maintenance teams can dynamically update SOPs to reduce technician error and improve planned maintenance traceability. It enables even small, incremental changes to be made on the floor, resulting in a culture of continuous improvement where every worker is empowered to make a positive difference.

Fixing the issue before it occurs

With more information on how maintenance work on the floor is actually being done, your team can manage activities more efficiently and spot trouble before it starts. Improved procedural adherence ensures fewer unexpected stops and unplanned downtime. Access to real-time data fuels prescriptive maintenance that can save time and money.