How is Parsable helping global manufacturers drive ESG efforts across plants?

Manufacturers face increasingly strict environmental regulations, a heightened need for safer frontline working conditions, increasing non-compliance fines, and a growing demand from employees, customers and investors to deliver on sustainability initiatives. Yet most lack a technology platform that provides visibility, traceability, and actionable plant-level data and insights to gather and measure their ESG goals.

Parsable Connected Worker® digitizes manufacturers’ SOPs, reducing everything from time and material waste to injuries and accidents. SOPs can be updated in real-time to accommodate quickly changing conditions on the plant floor, ensuring sustainability best practices are quickly adopted across teams and work sites.

Parsable Procedures to Drive ESG


  • Paper reduction
  • Energy & resource efficiency
  • Materials and process waste management
  • Inspection checks for energy waste & water leakage
  • Truck inspection checks


  • Safety inspections/audits
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Frontline worker & supervisor training
  • Tracking incidents, near misses, etc.
  • COVID-19 protocols


  • Calibration monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Compliance improvements to reduce fines
  • Layered processed audits
  • Quality inspections for compliance

How Are Customers Using Parsable to Support ESG Goals?

Grupo Bimbo QSR has used Parsable to digitize and standardize SOPs related to Safety Incident Investigations and Safety Observations across 20 plants in 10 countries.

  • Deployed in 8 languages within 8 weeks, Parsable now enables safety data capture by associates on the bakery floor.
  • Parsable-powered dashboards provide leadership with real-time visibility into safety at enterprise-wide, regional, and facility-specific levels.
  • Supports improvements to bakery-wide safety performance and working environment, an important part of the company’s sustainability goals.


“An important part of our sustainability strategy is ‘Caring for Our People,’ and Parsable is one of the tools that helps us achieve better safety performance while supporting a good working environment.”

Gerardo Gordillo
Global Director of HR

See Parsable in Action

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  • Leveraging our analytics dashboard to report on statuses.
  • Accessing our library of pre-built SOP and checklist templates to start new digital procedures.

The largest manufacturers in the world trust Parsable to standardize their ESG procedures and connect their teams.

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