Raise quality standards

Quality isn’t the purview of any single department; it’s a company-wide responsibility that is critical to your brand reputation and bottom line. Ensure better control of your processes to deliver quality products and service consistently and at scale.

“If it requires validation or verification, Parsable’s involved.”

Director of Operations

Real-time data makes the difference

Frontline workers can leverage data-driven insights to create a continuous quality management feedback loop across your entire operation. Parsable’s easy-to-use mobile app allows workers to follow procedures step by step, and input real-time information and data points as they work.

The difference is in the data and the ownership it gives your quality management team to feed real-time improvements back into the work. The result? Products and service of the highest possible quality – consistently.

Lean principles, a digital approach

Parsable improves consistency of quality by digitizing specific steps as outlined by the SOP across teams and sites. Simultaneously, it allows frontline workers, remote staff, supervisors, inspectors and management to communicate directly with one another via a mobile device. The result is greater consistency, collaboration, transparency – and a boost to your operation’s overall quality control efforts.