End the era of guesswork in manufacturing operations

Full Operational Visibility

  • Generate and track previously unattainable data points on frontline activity to get unprecedented transparency.

Build with Ease

  • Users, regardless of technical ability, can effortlessly build, discover, and share meaningful insights.

Insights to Impacts

  • Make better, data-informed decisions that improve manufacturing operations.

Transform Data into Insights

Convert captured frontline data into real-time, actionable insights to make informed decisions swiftly.

  • Empower frontline workers to make more strategic decisions
  • Collaborate & send fresh data to the people who need it, in the format they prefer

Natural Language Processing

Ask questions in everyday language and receive actionable answers instantly

  • Quickly build & share holistic visualizations in seconds
  • Discover insights faster than ever before, regardless of technical knowledge


Co-Pilot Customization

Easily Customizable Dashboards

  • Use everyday, natural language to quickly customize your visualizations
  • Choose 25+ visualizations, as well as custom colors, to create the dashboard that best suits your needs
Proactive Anomoly Detection

Proactive Anomaly Detection

Automatically identifies deviations and potential issues in real-time, enabling immediate intervention and minimizing downtime.

  • Track deviations to spot trends & better strategize operations
  • Stay informed of any potential issues before they arise so your team can operate proactively.