Laptop and mobile phone displaying the Parsable platform.

End frontline digital isolation

For far too long, getting work done has meant relying on paper-based SOPs or checklists, with unstructured and infrequent collaboration, topped by a lack of local or global performance visibility.

The results? Delays, stoppages, waste and adherence gaps, impeding continuous improvement and real-time operational excellence at every step.

Parsable ends the isolation with modern digital tools that empower frontline workers.

It's a journey. Where do you start?

Every company is different, which is why we think of the connected worker experience as a journey, with operational excellence as the North Star. Parsable is here to be your guide, able to meet you where you are.

Building your foundation starts with digitizing work. How?

Map and digitize SOPs and work instructions for safe, compliant and efficient task completion.

Use standard mobile devices, while remaining compatible with existing technologies and environments.

Give workers a digital identity for full representation and authentication.

Facilitate information transfer with internet connectivity for all, enabling real-time communication.

Once the digital foundation is built, connected work drives continuous improvement. How?

Connecting people through 1:1 or group chats, enabling teammate, contractor, supplier, vendor, supervisor and subject matter expert communication and collaboration.

Connecting to information by providing real-time access to SOPs, work instructions, checklists, knowledge bases, execution/input data and more.

Connecting to systems and machines by integrating frontline work into the broader business ecosystem of ERP, CMMS, EAM, MES, FSM, IoT/IIoT, sensors, equipment, machinery, wearables and so much more.

A digital foundation and connecting your workers puts transformation within reach. Now you can:

Iterate to continuously improve performance and overcome constraints.

Surface rapid performance insights of major and minor changes to measure real time impact.

Deliver predictable and appropriate response times and actions.

Stabilize fast-moving anomalies with rapid task coordination and execution.