Connected Worker® Mobile App

Built for ease of use, adoption is fast with a modern and familiar user experience that guides worker activity and compliance.

Streamline collaboration with local or remote experts in real time via the app, scaling expertise and reducing non-productive delays

Provide in-app procedural and training materials for safe and efficient in-place task completion

Collect key operational data, critical for audits and analytics, with in-app prompts at the exact right time

Connect to IoT-enabled equipment or sensors from within the mobile app in specific jobs

Connected Worker® Admin

Turn static, paper-based forms, checklists, and SOPs into a dynamic, digital experience with our web administration portal.

Create digital content easily with no-code authoring

Map complete processes for responsive and standardized workflows

Adapt content quickly as regulations and SOPs evolve and change

Connect to legacy systems with integrations into ERP, MES, CMMS and more

Connected Worker® Analytics

Unlock the data & insights needed to optimize frontline operations and build a more sustainable, profitable future.

Generate and track previously unattainable data points on frontline activity to get unprecedented transparency.

Quickly visualize the data to track and identify trends and opportunities across teams, sites, regions and more.

Users, regardless of technical ability, can effortlessly build, discover, and share meaningful insights

Automatically identify deviations and potential issues in real-time, enabling immediate intervention and minimizing downtime.