Uplevel frontline safety

Scaling safety across operations is critical now and in a post-COVID-19 era. Uplevel your frontline safety protocols with the visibility needed to reduce the rate of preventable accidents, enable effective near miss reporting and eliminate repeat incidents.

“We were looking to make a step change in safety, and I’m proud to say we’ve achieved best-in-class levels with Parsable.”

Vice President, Engineering and Process Technology

Worker safety on the factory floor is no accident

Make changes to SOPs at any time so that the most up-to-date safety policies, steps and checks are integrated into the work itself. Every time a policy is revised or a new regulation is issued, those updates can be immediately pushed out to the entire team and plant, and across multiple sites – with a digital record to ensure compliance. You can’t do that with paper.

A more accurate, instantly available record of safety incidents

In even the best of industrial environments, accidents happen. When they do, Connected Worker by Parsable provides instant access to a detailed digital record of exactly what happened leading up to the event.

And immediately following the incident, on-site evidence and information, like photos, voice notes and interviews, can be promptly captured via a mobile device. All this is stored in a single, fully auditable and readily available data repository.