Streamline production for increased throughput

In today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace, the right digital approach can propel your production levels to new heights. Start by equipping your workforce with the best-in-class tools and support it needs to get the job done right, every time.

“The digital world that we’re in now – and Parsable plays in this world – is our next major leap in manufacturing that really is going to change productivity for the American worker that we haven’t seen in 40 years.”

Vice President, Engineering and Process Technology

Empowering workers, accelerating gains

Accelerate production gains and reduce bottlenecks across your operations without compromising quality or safety. Connected work turns frontline workers into engaged problem-solvers while providing plant and line managers the insights they need to optimize operations and execute work better.

Embedding efficiencies into the process

With interactive, digital SOPs, workers have immediate, easy access to the guidance on how to best execute their respective tasks. The data points they capture, such as inspection results, trigger the next task. Efficiencies are baked in; production growth, too.