Report: 2023 State of Digital and Connected Work on the Manufacturing Frontlines

What do manufacturing frontline workers want?

Too often, the humans who are at the core of manufacturing and supply chain are overlooked by visions of AI, ML, AR, VR. Yet competitive advantage — both in operations and recruitment — stems from delivering the right technologies at the right time to the people at the core of the business.

We surveyed 1,168 U.S. frontline manufacturing workers to understand the technologies they use to do their jobs and their views on digital tools in the workplace.

The resulting report delivers new insights from the frontline worker perspective, including:

  • Views on using digital tools in their day-to-day jobs.
  • How age and generational differences influence perception of digital tools.
  • Key opportunities for managers and executives to improve.
  • The impact on companies that don’t close the digital gap.

As you digitize your operations, read this report to understand the frontline workers’ perspectives and get insights on how to empower them to be more efficient, productive and safe in their jobs.