Health & Beauty Manufacturing: How to Improve Safety & Quality in an Ever-Changing Industry

What's inside:

How to Transform Safety and Quality Systems into Live Information

Even the most dedicated quality and safety teams have a tough time getting the latest procedural updates and training aids to all the workers who need them across all plants. Learn how connected worker technologies can transform these procedures into interactive digital workflows.

Streamlining QA, Audit and Certification Processes

With traditional methods, QA processes may appear to be working well, and yet the number of production and consumer issues are still higher than your target levels. Learn how connected worker technology allows you to accurately capture, measure and verify data in real-time.

Improving Traceability and Response Times

Despite your best efforts to increase quality and safety, tracing and monitoring the numerous tiers in health and beauty production may seem like a near-impossible task. Learn how connected worker technology puts all the information about any particular batch right at your fingertips.

Integrate Proactive Risk-Reduction into Operations

While faster response to quality and safety events is critical, avoiding them in the first place is the ultimate goal. Connected worker technology helps you detect early safety and maintenance warnings and fix problems before they become serious issues.

Generate and Update Processes in Real-Time

With connected worker technologies, you not only have real-time visibility into what’s happening in production, you also have the ability to change it in real-time.