How to Achieve World-Class Quality and Safety in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

What's inside:

Transform Static, Paper-Based Documents Into Live Information

Connected Worker™ technology delivers an immediate productivity boost by converting static paper procedures into cloud-based, interactive digital work instructions. Once published, they are immediately available on a mobile app and accessible by everyone who will execute or oversee that work.

Streamline Quality Assurance (QA), Audit and Certification Processes

Continuously capture, measure and verify quality control data with Connected Worker technology. You can analyze it in real-time to ensure actual quality aligns with expected quality. And when an auditor or certification authority asks you for proof, you have easy access to detailed procedural adherence evidence.

Improve Traceability and Response Time When Quality and Safety Incidents Occur

Despite your best efforts to increase food safety and quality, there will always be the ever-present specter of health risks from food-borne pathogens. With Connected Worker technology, full traceability puts all the information about any particular batch right at your fingertips.

Integrate Proactive Risk Reduction Into Operations

While faster response to quality and safety events is critical, avoiding them in the first place is the ultimate goal. With Connected Worker technology, ensuring procedural adherence means you get ahead of potential risks. By analyzing data captured, you can seek out ways to improve your operations.

Generate and Update Processes in Real-Time

In paper-based environments, it takes weeks or months to implement procedural changes in support of new products, or in response to new retailer packaging requirements or regulatory changes. With Connected Worker technology, you have real-time visibility into what’s happening in production and the ability to change work instructions in real-time.