Frontline Manufacturing Workers: Insights and Research

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What do frontline manufacturing workers around the world want?

Frontline Manufacturing Workers: Insights and Research 2021

In the midst of unprecedented global labor shortages and a looming skills gap crisis, manufacturers must re-examine the way they treat and invest in their plant workers.

We surveyed 1,400 frontline manufacturing workers in the United States, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom to get their views on their jobs, the role of technology, and the pandemic’s continuing impact on factories.

For example, nearly half (45%) of manufacturing workers across countries say the opportunity to work in a more modern/digital environment would be part of their decision to leave their current employer.

Find out:

  • What motivates factory workers to stay with their current companies – and what influences their decision to leave
  • What tools and technologies are available to help them work better – and what’s lacking
  • How the pandemic has impacted the way they perceive their jobs and value – and whether they believe their companies are stepping up

Read this report to get insights on how to empower today’s manufacturing workers to be more efficient, productive and safe in their jobs.