Five Reasons to Digitize Your Oil & Gas Crews

What's inside:

Reduce NPT by Big Double Digits

Reducing nonproductive time (NPT) is at the top of the hit list of most O&G companies. Equipment has continued to grow more complex, and most crews are still working with paper-based work procedures. Mobile work process platforms can help reduce NPT by improving procedural adherence.

Collaborate to Solve Problems in Real Time

Digitizing work processes shrinks these delays. O&G crews can use a mobile app to immediately share photos, video, audio or machine readings to a shared real-time work log, with an alert pinging managers or maintenance teams.

Enable Remote Inspections and Expert Consultations

Allow your team to carry out third-party inspections remotely. Experts no longer need to arrive on site without context for what they’re seeing. They can be consulted remotely and can collaborate with the team on the ground to fix equipment and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Close the Headquarters-to-Field Gap

More transparency can also help people at “headquarters” – including job planners, operations managers and even senior execs – be more effective. At the same time, technology clears the path for field crews to provide feedback on current work procedures and ways to improve.

Track and Capture Data From Every Step of Every Job

Digitizing field crews means that all work is recorded as it is done: what happened, when, how long it took and who did it. The advantages include evidence of work quality and a closed-loop data stream crucial to achieving Industry 4.0 continuous improvement.