3 Reasons Why Humans Should Be at the Center of OEE for CPG Manufacturers

What's inside:

Equipment is Generally Reliable

Your machines are pretty good at doing what they’re set up to do. And as technology gets better and cheaper, the ability to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by improving your machines diminishes.

The Levers That Can Meaningfully Affect OEE Are Human Actions

The greatest opportunity to drive OEE lies with your people. There is still a lot left for manufacturers to do to operationally digitize, track, and continuously improve the top human contributors to OEE, including changeovers, maintenance, and safety.

Harnessing Dark (Untracked Human) Data Is Key to World-Class OEE

The concept of a “digital twin” is gaining popularity, to create a digitized model of systems and devices, usually by collecting continuous, real-time data from the machines that run them. Companies can monitor their systems, test out future scenarios before actually making changes, and anticipate maintenance faults.