By digitizing frontline operations, Parsable customers across food and beverage manufacturing saw

Increase in OEE through digitized autonomous maintenance
Reduction in operational waste by eliminating non-value added activities
Increase in throughput with faster issue resolution

Companies on Their Connected Worker Journey with Parsable

Parsable’s Connected Worker® platform breaks down operational silos by connecting workers to



Highlight critical issues and communicate to the right people at the right time through remote collaboration



Access granular, unique data points that show where inefficiencies are compounding in your workflows

Systems & Machines

Systems & Machines

Bring teams like production, quality, and maintenance together in a single platform to drive compliance and connect to systems like ERP, CMMS, MES, & IoT 

Start your digital transformation journey with Parsable as your partner:

Escape digital isolation

  • Rely on paper-based processes and workflows on the frontline
  • Experience major inefficiencies that inhibit ability to adapt

Build your digital foundation

  • Make frontline work both digital and optimized for the use of smartphones and tablets
  • Optimize for a modern-day, consumer-like mobile experience

Connect your workers

  • Workers digitally complete their tasks while on the go
  • Connected workers seamlessly access the right information through connections to people, systems, and machines

Experience transformed operations

  • Combine your Connected Worker strategy with the new granular data points captured only through Parsable
  • Recognize the future of frontline work is optimized work. Optimized work requires workers to be connected.

Traditional software and systems tell you what to do:

Graphic displaying traditional software system dictating what to do, but not how to do it.

Parsable tells you how to do it, and what happened: