Customer Success Story

Global Brewery eliminates raw materials receipt errors and boosts accountability


As one of the largest breweries in the world, this company produces beer that is then distributed globally.



This global brewery was visually spot checking trucks that delivered brewing ingredients and materials. More often than not they saw mismatches between Bills of Lading, ShipTickets, and even delivery locations.

They even received the wrong materials or someone else’s materials which then hindered production and showed a lack of accountability.

Success Criteria

  • Need to accurately capture data and digitize processes in order to optimize operations.
  • Be able to collect and analyze quality data faster, and allow inspectors to report inconsistencies right away.
  • Provide quality managers and their teams with greater visibility and control over real-time data captured.
  • Need an easy-to-use and easy to set-up application for teams to start recording critical information and track processes.
  • Need to see measurable improvements in time it takes to conduct data analysis.


  • Instead of relying on a 6-inch binder and paper-based reporting, the team has digitized their four brewing material receipts and two truck unloading reports: Diazyme, Chilllgard, Phosphoric Acid, PVPP, Dextrose, ISS.
  • Workers are able to use media capture to record bills of Lading, Seals, Certificates of Analysis, and other shipping documentation. This serves near real-time document verification.
  • With Parsable, data went from being processed and put into dashboards in seven to 30 days, to synchronized data every 24 hours with no data recapture.
  • Technicians are able to respond by prompts through the use of triggered notices in order to eliminate variability in execution.
  • Automated reporting has created a record outside of Parsable that serves as an auditable receipt of materials.


Created digital quality check for verification of CoA for brewing materials
Eliminated receipt errors across receipts of raw materials
Increased technician confidence in receiving materials