Customer Success Story

Driving Digital Innovation at Holcim

Holcim and Parsable: Using the power of digitalization to future-proof Holcim’s open innovation agenda

As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, Holcim’s aim to conduct zero harm to people and the planet. Meeting this goal will demand the utmost operational performance, and our partnership with them is helping do just that.

Over the last year, we’ve partnered with Holcim MAQER – Holcim’s venture client unit that finds the most impactful technologies to help build a smarter, greener and more inclusive world – to transform the way Holcim optimizes field inspections and routine inspections in its Cement, Aggregate, Asphalt and Ready-Mix locations.

Our software enables Holcim’s people to work and collaborate digitally, replacing paper-based work procedures with a mobile-first platform so that Holcim’s teams know exactly what, when and how they need to do their work. As well as boosting efficiency and productivity, this unlocks critical data about how work is being done – which, in turn, helps Holcim meet not only its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, but scale data-driven insights and accelerate open innovation within their global organization.

“Sustainability and environmental responsibility drive the way we operate across the Holcim US footprint and we work hard to meet these expectations. Leveraging a digital tool that creates a cohesive, agile platform for our environmental teams and site management to access inspection data not only helps drive accountability, but ultimately regulatory compliance to support our local permits and ESG objectives. Partnering with Parsable, is a great example of how Holcim MAQER, our open innovation unit, allows us to rapidly deploy cutting edge, user driven solutions at scale.”

Michael LeMonds, VP, Environment, Land and Government Affairs, Holcim US


Despite modern technology, heavy industries still rely on tribal knowledge, outdated paper-based procedures and lack of accurate, real-time data.

This way of working can lead to questions such as: “How do I perform this inspection?” “What is the right sequence?” “What equipment do I need?” When was it last done?” “And by whom?” These questions will be asked by new hires and senior workers alike, as new safety and sustainability measures are constantly evolving. Manual paperwork is cumbersome, slow and can lead to errors such as missing or lost records, or worse: work that isn’t being done at all.


At Holcim, they believe that “if we’re good in health, safety and environment, then we’re good in business.” That’s why they are continuously setting new standards across these areas. But new standards require smarter workflows.

With Parsable, Holcim is standardizing and digitizing work procedures and the information collected by their operators as they conduct inspection rounds. This puts the power in the user’s hands, while fostering collaboration and providing full transparency of Holcim’s operation across thousands of operators. The real-time data they capture is invaluable, invaluable to ensure compliance with Holcim’s ESG goals (such as reducing water consumption or increasing the use of alternative fuels), while also continuously improving their operations at scale. 


Connecting a plant’s entire workflow – from inspection and reporting to analytics and insights – enables managers and executives to analyze this new information, identify operational trends, flag incomplete jobs or issues on the plant floor, and share insights into how work is performed locally and across sites.

“We are thrilled to be part of Holcim’s open innovation ecosystem. As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, their investments in technology, data analytics and ESG are truly industry leading. In particular, the vision of its venture client unit, Holcim MAQER, to establish long-term partnerships between technology companies and Holcim is exceptional. We are proud to be a partner in helping them achieve both their operational and sustainability goals.”

Navin Vardya, Chief Customer Officer, Parsable