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It’s 9pm, do you know what your frontline is doing?

Ana Naus


In any production operation, the frontline workers are the ones who make things happen. They’re the ones who are responsible for carrying out critical tasks, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring that each machine on each line in each factory produces a final high-quality product with reasonable production costs – despite disruption. But often, these frontline operations can seem like a black box, with inefficiencies and bottlenecks hidden from view and impacting results.

That’s where Parsable comes in. Parsable is a platform that helps companies harness valuable data from their frontline operations, so they can surface new, unique data points that reveal what’s working and what’s not across all frontline processes – production, safety, quality, and more. Manufacturers use Parsable’s app to capture data from frontline workers as they complete routine activities on smartphones and tablets, helping leaders identify where improvements are needed and take action to drive better outcomes.

With Parsable, you have on-demand access to granular, unique data points that show exactly where inefficiencies are compounding in your workflows across handoffs, shift changes, line changeovers, and more. This means you can quickly identify non-value added activities that are prevalent across frontline workflows and processes, and take steps to eliminate them.

Parsable also helps ensure that the right teams find out about issues quickly. Without the right tools, it can be difficult to make sure that critical issues are communicated to the right people in a timely manner. And the longer it takes to find out about an issue, the longer it takes to resolve it.

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But with Parsable, different teams like production, quality, and maintenance can be brought together in a single platform for frontline work. This means that you can trigger custom notifications and assign tasks to qualified personnel, ensuring that issues are identified and addressed as quickly as possible. The results speak for themselves, by reducing operational waste, our customers have seen 10% reductions in scrap, 12% increase in throughput, and 6% increase to OEE. In fact, many of our customers are taking the industry 4.0 revolution by storm and are using Parsable to eliminate non-value added activities and streamline their workflows.

If you’re looking to light up the black box of your frontline operations, Parsable is the tool you need. With its ability to harness valuable data, bring different teams together, and enable your frontline workforce to make better decisions faster, you can take action to drive better outcomes. So why wait? Start using Parsable today and see the results for yourself!

Ready to revolutionize your operational workflows? Experience the power of Parsable’s Connected Worker® software firsthand and discover how our solution can streamline your operations by digitizing your frontline.