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End the Era of Guesswork in Manufacturing Operations

Christopher Good


Empower the frontline to make smarter decisions.

Parsable is pleased to introduce AI-Powered Analytics, a new extension of our analytics and reporting capabilities that unlocks the data and insights needed to optimize frontline operations and build a more sustainable, profitable future. This unprecedented product expansion promises to disrupt traditional frontline models and end the era of guesswork in manufacturing operations.

By seamlessly integrating advanced analytical functionalities into the Parsable platform, we will enable businesses to visualize data, track deviations, and gain actionable insights swiftly. These capabilities will leverage several recent AI advances, including machine learning for anomaly detection and time-series forecasting, natural language query for rapid data insights for non-analytical users, and generative AI for dashboard creation and analytical narratives. Parsable’s new AI-powered Analytics offering aims to democratize data access, improve operational efficiencies, and empower organizations to make informed decisions.

Our new AI-Powered Analytics extension provides:

⚡Real-Time Insights: Transform your captured frontline data into actionable insights instantly.

⚡User-Friendly Experience: Quickly create and share comprehensive visualizations.

⚡Natural Language Processing: Ask questions in plain English and get immediate, actionable answers.

Customizable Dashboards: Tailor your data views to highlight what matters most to your operations.


“Parsable’s new AI-powered Analytics has opened the door to a new level of efficiency and autonomy by harnessing the power of our data. The intuitive interface empowers our superusers to quickly create, deploy, and modify their own dashboards, improving their data-driven decision making and streamlining collaboration.” Jake Aprilliano, Business Systems Leader, American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc.

Proactive Anomoly Detection

Full Operational Visibility

Generate and track previously unattainable data points on frontline activity to achieve unprecedented transparency. Our new analytics extension empowers frontline workers to easily uncover areas of interest, from inefficiencies to success. Automatically identify deviations and potential issues in real-time, enabling immediate intervention and minimizing downtime.


Co-Pilot Customization

Build with Ease

Regardless of technical ability, users can effortlessly build holistic visualizations, discover pivotal information, and share meaningful insights in seconds. With Parsable’s Analytics Dashboard, users can easily create & manipulate visualizations using natural language. Frontline workers can now ask questions in plain language and receive precise, practical answers instantly, eliminating the need for analytics expertise. Additionally, Parsable delivers custom, curated data sets out-of-the-box designed and validated by customer research & industry experts, saving organizations time & resources getting value from the platform.


Alladin AI

Insights to Impacts 

Make better, data-informed decisions that improve manufacturing operations. Turn unstructured and analog human beings into structured digital metadata for analysis and continuous improvement. Parsable offers embedded insights using Generative AI to help users quickly come to conclusions on their data. Frontline workers can convert frontline data into real-time, actionable insights that propel swift decision-making and generate accurate forecasts at the click of a button, empowering operators to anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

“Despite the hype, most manufacturing analytics platforms are still in the Stone Age. AI-Powered Analytics from Parsable is not just a tool; it’s a wake-up call for the industry. With our cutting-edge analytics, executives gain unprecedented visibility, and frontline workers are empowered to drive innovation from the ground up, creating a unified force for operational excellence.” – Matt Belkin, CEO of Parsable.

It’s time to end the era of guesswork in manufacturing operations.

We envision a future where companies, regardless of their technical expertise or resource constraints, can effortlessly unlock the full potential of their digitized operations. We see a world where artificial intelligence can make frontline worker data more accessible and actionable, further augmenting human decision-making on the factory floor. Our new analytics solution will provide a user-friendly interface for customers at every stage of their data journey, with a heavy bias towards the needs of frontline operators.