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Welcome Wendy Kinney, Parsable’s New Chief Revenue Officer

Welcome Wendy Kinney, Parsable’s New Chief Revenue Officer 

We are excited to welcome Wendy Kinney to the Parsable executive team as Chief Revenue Officer. In this role, Wendy will oversee the Parsable revenue organization, including sales, solution consulting, business development, partnerships, customer success, and professional services.


Wendy comes to Parsable with 20+ years of SaaS experience and is intimately familiar with the challenges industrial leaders have managing people and processes in these complex work environments. Her passion for helping customers and strong, approachable leadership style has guided three startups to profitability and successful exits. 


Most recently, Wendy led her sales team through a $75 million Series C fundraising round, grew the team threefold and achieved 50% to 100% growth targets selling into some of the world’s largest and best-known companies.

Said Matt Belkin, Parsable CEO:

“Wendy’s achievements are nothing short of impressive. In addition to her success leading multiple startups through exits, she also has a unique CRO skillset in that she has guided both sales and customer experience teams. Wendy is a fantastic leader who will be instrumental in helping our customers improve their frontline operations using Parsable’s unique data and insights.”

Said Kinney:

“The last few years have taught us all the critical importance of the manufacturing industry.  It will be an honor to work with the people who operationalized the globe, to provide them with a platform to further operationalize their world. Our goal at Parsable is to fill any gaps created by a lack of access to data and metadata for the frontline worker and the broader operation, providing that data to these making-the-world-go-round teams is where the magic happens.”


Driven by a customer-centric mindset, Wendy is passionate about helping customers and empowering them to be successful. Her empathetic and consultative approach to selling will be an asset as we guide customers through their Parsable journey and show them how to use data and insights to improve their frontline operations.