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Parsable Launches Connector to Streamline Collaboration Between Microsoft Teams Users and Industrial Workers

The Parsable Frontline Work Connector for Microsoft Teams Improves Communication and Productivity for Industrial Companies

SAN FRANCISCO – March 10, 2020 – Parsable, Inc., the Connected Worker™ Platform company, today announced that its Frontline Work Connector™ for Microsoft Teams is now available on Microsoft AppSource. The new Connector enables seamless collaboration between Microsoft Teams users and industrial workers on the manufacturing floor or out in the field, empowering them to easily access and share the information they need to get their jobs done right.

Microsoft Teams Connector

The mobile-first Parsable Connected Worker Platform helps industrial organizations digitize, execute, measure and transform frontline work execution, including the ability for users to collaborate with each other in real-time. With the new Connector, organizations that are using both Parsable and Teams – the chat-based collaboration hub in Microsoft 365 – can help their teams work better together by enabling frontline workers to send real-time alerts and status updates from the Parsable Connected Worker Platform to a Teams channel. The Connector offers additional flexibility for companies using Teams, and makes it easier and faster for frontline workers to share work updates and progress with key stakeholders.

For example, an operator performing a routine inspection can log details of an equipment issue into the Parsable mobile app and immediately share them on the Teams channel for local maintenance personnel. A maintenance mechanic can then be dispatched to assist with the issue, with easy access to all the details in Parsable that was captured by the operator.

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of Parsable’s integration with Microsoft Teams,” said Lawrence Whittle, Parsable CEO. “Parsable’s customers include the world’s largest industrial companies. In industrial environments, the ability to instantly connect with other team members and share updates as work is being performed is critical, especially when there is a safety concern, or if efficiency or quality is threatened. Our new Frontline Work Connector for Teams opens up new channels of communication, increasing productivity and improving transparency across organizations and teams.”

Said Ravi Krishnaswamy, Industry Solutions Lead, Microsoft Azure Engineering:

“With Microsoft Teams fast becoming the collaboration platform of choice for the industrial enterprise, the Parsable Frontline Work Connector will help bring the back office closer to workers on the plant floor or in the field, and bring back insights and information to unlock new levels of productivity, leveraging the entire Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365, to run their operations more efficiently and seamlessly.”

Said Jonathan Crane, Vice President of Wells Digital Deployment at Shell:

“This new integration enhances our approach to connected work by leveraging two of our platform providers, Microsoft and Parsable. We’re now able to bring our teams closer together through digital, make faster and more informed decisions, and ultimately improve work performance across sites.”

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Parsable ( helps the world’s largest industrial firms get jobs done right – every time. Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform enables employees to collaboratively execute their work using paperless, digital work instructions on mobile devices. In addition to measuring every step and action, workers can raise issues and provide feedback in real time so that every process is quickly analyzed and improved. With Parsable, companies gain unprecedented visibility into their operations, uncover detailed data about their work processes for continuous improvement, and attract new tech-savvy talent. A member of the World Economic Forum, Parsable is headquartered in San Francisco with offices throughout North America and Europe. Follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter (@ParsableHQ) and the Parsable blog.