BCG Puts its Clients’ Interests First With Parsable

Industrial companies today are challenged with moving faster. Faster within their business processes, or faster adapting to market conditions. Many of BCG’s industrial clients are faced with similar challenges today. The advent of digital technologies, advanced analytics and robotics are all elements they know will improve their overall productivity.

The partnership between BCG and Parsable, brings together BCG’s deep knowledge of digital transformation with Parsable’s out-of-the-box mobile app. Together it allows companies to transform the shop floor and truly showcase the value that digital can bring.

Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform first digitizes the static paper-based procedures – but this is essentially table stakes in order to enter the digital universe. If you think about traditional ERP or MES systems, they’re able to digitize up to a certain point, but not the last mile to the frontline worker.

With Parsable, workers can pick up the application on their mobile device and begin executing work with little or no training. Managers can go through the no-code authoring platform, change and optimize procedures, and then seamlessly deploy it to every single individual globally with the push of a button.