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Our Winter 2021 Product Release

Ana Naus

No matter what you do for a living, the tools you use play a big part. It’s hard to get the job done right if you’re not equipped with what you need to do exactly that. But, success in any role requires us to learn so that we can innovate, which is how we improve. Learning, particularly from peers, plays just as important of a role in this product release and the updates to Parsable’s platform. By using Parsable as your tool and learning from your peers, you’ll find ways to innovate and drive sustainable improvements. Introducing our Winter ’21 Release.

Updates to Parsable:

Find and Start Jobs with QR Codes

It takes a lot of work by a lot of different people to keep a facility up and running. There are so many tasks that aren’t explicitly scheduled that are required to be completed in order to maintain a safe and efficient manufacturing operation. It often falls on the people performing these tasks to figure out when to get these tasks done and can lead to a hunt for the information that’s needed – like checklists, inspections, audits, work instructions and more. While moving to Parsable certainly simplifies this experience, we knew there was more that could be done to make work more convenient.

Operators need quick, direct access to the information they need, right when they need it. With that in mind, we’ve made updates to Parsable’s deep linking capabilities, which enable you to create QR codes that help users find and start jobs.

The setup is very simple. Just take the link to the on-demand job, generate a QR code with your QR code generator of choice, and make the QR code accessible to your frontline employees.

Scale to More Countries with New Languages

As part of our commitment to connecting frontline workers worldwide, we are excited to announce new supported languages

Parsable is now available in the following languages: Bulgarian, Dutch, Norwegian and Turkish. This brings the total number of supported languages up to 18, which means you can now empower more frontline workers with Connected Worker® by Parsable in more countries around the world.

All languages are applied directly to the app and are based on the language settings of the device. After you update the Parsable mobile app to the latest version, you’ll have instant access to all these languages. 

Learnings from Your Peers:

Find New Ways to Get the Most Out of Parsable 

Creating new digital work instructions can feel overwhelming. It’s not difficult, but it does require some time and a bit of elbow grease, and when there’s constant pressure to “do more with less” any opportunity that saves time and effort for the most valuable resources within a factory – the people – is welcomed with warm relief.

We meet and work with a variety of experts across different industries. Though each company we work with is unique in its own way, there are plenty of similarities. We’ve actually noticed a number of common ways our customers use Parsable for their frontline operations. 

After listening to the many different teams who work with Parsable on a daily basis, we built two libraries of Parsable Templates for common use cases and video overviews based on how customers are getting the most out of Parsable – fast. Introducing the Parsable Template & Use Case Libraries.

Template Library

With the Parsable Template Library, we’re bringing you over 100 standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help you jumpstart your journey to digital work instructions. The template library includes digital procedures for safety, operations, quality, human resources, maintenance, environmental and continuous improvement. Find the template you’d like to use and get started quickly!

Use Case Library

Connected work is a journey. The journey starts with digitizing SOPs, checklists and workflows, ensuring frontline workers get the job done right, the first time. With the Parsable Use Case Library, you can see demonstrations of how some companies use Parsable to embark on their digitization journey.

Use these new resources to make more improvements to frontline operations.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Hear how manufacturing leaders are tackling industry issues with Parsable’s new podcast, Conquering Chaos: A Show for Manufacturing Leaders. It’s a show that connects you to manufacturing leaders who are defining the future of manufacturing today.

During each episode, you’ll get to know a manufacturing leader who will share their stories on the problems they’ve faced and the solutions they use to help future-proof their operations. 

If you like what you hear, let us know by leaving a rating and a review in your podcast player of choice. And send us your recommendations for who we should interview next. We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have some lessons you’ve learned firsthand that you’d like to share? Are there peers in your org that you’d like to elevate as a thought leader? Do you have a strong, maybe even controversial, opinion on an aspect of your industry? Consider submitting your proven templates for the Template Library or joining us for an episode of Conquering Chaos.

For more information on the Winter ’21 Release, please check out our full Release Notes.