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Our Fall 2019 Product Release is Here

Jake Piehnik

Parsable Fall 2019 Product Release


At Parsable, we are driven by the belief that we can empower industrial companies and workers with the best modern digital tools. In that spirit, I’m happy to announce the latest innovations to our product with our now available Fall 2019 product release.

Our latest product release is squarely focused on the frontline workers – the humans on the shop floor or in the field – who rely on Parsable to get the job done correctly, safely and with the highest standards of quality, the first time and every time. This release is full of end-user focused features that will boost the productivity, quality and safety for all industrial workers.

Features available today with the Fall 2019 product release:

  • Device Sharing: We recognize that it’s important for teams to share devices and data. We now support up to five users on a single mobile device, and the ability for them to collaborate on the same data regardless of whether or not they’re connected to the internet.
  • Instant Video Calls: We know that being on the frontlines can be stressful. For all those times when having a remote colleague see exactly what you see could have resolved an issue, now you can quickly initiate an on-demand video conference with one or multiple Parsable users and access immediate remote guidance or expertise.
  • Rich Text Formatting: Job authors will now be able to create and deliver content to the frontlines clearly organized by headers, bullets, numeric lists, and bold and/or italic font treatments, making work instructions much more easier to understand.
  • Custom Colors: We respect the pride you have in your brand identity. As a result, you can now configure both your Parsable web and mobile experiences to reflect your brand colors.
  • Expanded Language Support: To meet the preferences of our rapidly expanding global customer base, we now support Japanese and Arabic. And now that we’re in Arabic, we can support any languages that read right to left.

These new features now available on the Parsable Connected Worker Platform will help you and your organization achieve the last mile in productivity, safety, quality and collaboration. Contact your Parsable representative for more information or with any questions about our Fall 2019 product release!