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Our Commitment to Industrial Companies During the COVID-19 Pandemic – We Stand By You

Lawrence Whittle

A Letter From Our CEO

The global situation caused by the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak is changing day by day, hour by hour. As all our families, businesses and communities are affected by this, I wanted to share how Parsable is handling the situation. I am truly moved by the dedication of my team and, more importantly, the dedication of our customers, many of whom are making “essential” products such as food, beverages, packaging and cleaning materials.

First, as with you, the health and safety of our employees and their families are paramount. Our offices around the world are closed, and employees are working from home. Given that over 30% of our employees typically work remotely in the best of times, this transition during the crisis has been smooth. We are more coordinated and connected than ever to deliver the highest-quality service you have come to expect from Parsable.

Second, Parsable is taking rapid and dynamic action to ensure zero interruptions in the full availability and security of Connected Worker® by Parsable, as well as in customer training and support. Our global product, engineering and customer operations teams are working at full capacity and continue to be laser-focused on your success.

We also realize the rapidly changing nature of the situation, and are fully ready to accommodate your needs if and when they evolve. I’ve been speaking every day with industrial CEOs around the world. Many are actually ramping up production lines, especially in the food, beverages and consumer hygiene products industries to meet unprecedented demand. It’s genuinely amazing to see how teams are adapting, and incredibly inspiring to see the frontlines heed the call.

Third, this pandemic brings two critical considerations to the forefront: employees’ health and safety, and the need to capture tacit operational knowledge as frontline workers and responsibilities change unexpectedly and quickly.

In the midst of this crisis, companies are now challenged with quickly rolling out new procedures across shifts and sites, validating that workers are following them correctly, and making further changes as situations evolve. Shift handovers and collaboration now also must accommodate social distancing and the reduction of close physical contact on the production floor.

We understand and support your need to keep your workers healthy and your operations productive.

Effective immediately, Parsable is offering a series of COVID-19-specific EHS standard operating procedures (SOPs) and analytics dashboards at no cost to our customers. They are available for all employees and facilities across a company, are not restricted to existing Parsable license limitations, and can be deployed across teams and sites today. Parsable will provide remote training and support to ensure successful implementation and adoption.

Specific prepackaged, COVID-19-related EHS SOPs now available on Connected Worker include:

  • Site entry and visitor compliance
  • All employee hand washing
  • Temperature taking (if allowed)
  • Employee exposure screening
  • Remote office safety check

Also included are analytics dashboards to validate and analyze compliance.

For more information on our EHS COVID-19 program and to opt in, or if you have any other ideas on how Parsable can help, please reach out to us at

Our mission at Parsable is to liberate the 2.7 billion deskless workers with modern digital tools to drive productivity, quality and safety across all operational workflows.

We stand with you in this time of acute need.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected.

Lawrence Whittle

Parsable EHS COVID-19 Program