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Millennials in the Industrial Workforce: The Dirty Truth About the ROI of Training

Parsable Team

Imagine you are a new worker in a factory and you enrolled in a training course. How much do you think you’d be able to remember from an hour of training? What about multiple hours of training? Then you’re off to work. Do you think you will be able to follow the training and work in a perfectly efficient manner? It’s impossible to assume that you can remember all of the details within that training.

The average listener will remember only about 25% what was said.

According to the Harvard Business Review, two months after listening to a talk, the average listener will remember only about 25% what was said. Even in a shorter time period, people tend to forget from one half to one third of that content within eight hours. Once workers start work in a factory after their training, they could be missing various steps in a potentially very dangerous environment. Now think about how often will people actually sift through a binder to find the correct procedure. There could be dozens of binders of various procedures and they need to find the exact page with the information they need for that exact job. All in the while, money and time are being wasted and your team isn’t more efficient or safer, the point of most industrial training.

There are other factors that go into people’s memory as well: age, distractions in the workforce, what’s going on in their personal life, and individual learning styles. With all of these external factors, there needs to be a standardized way to make sure people remember these important and sensitive job procedures.

What is the answer to eliminate wasted time and confusion? It’s unreasonable to expect people to retain 100% of procedures from training. Dartmouth’s study on spaced repetition tells us that repeated practice over a long period of time is the best for recall performance. Memory is a brain-wide process and a single memory is a complex construction in your mind. Looking at training procedures with this kind of context could help.

Parsable job tasks on mobile devices.That’s why Parsable is here. Not only does everyone get real visibility from precise reports on your smartphone or tablet, workers use a step-by-step procedure list for all jobs. They never have to worry about forgetting a step because the training is provided and refreshed in their pocket and managers don’t need to worry about their workers missing any important steps. Essentially, workers who use Parsable’s job procedure workflow will be able to recall all of the job steps with less mistakes and wasted time.

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