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Manufacturing Day 2019: What Excites Us About Working With Our Manufacturing Customers

Connie Sung Moyle

Today is Manufacturing Day (#MFGDay19), where organizations around the country celebrate all that the industry has to offer and show our next generation of creators what a career in modern manufacturing is all about. We’re proud and humbled to be part of a movement that understands and promotes the role of humans and human work.

In our team’s own words, here are some reasons why we come to work every day to empower industrial workers with modern digital tools!


“Manufacturing is the backbone of many economies and provides work for countless number of people. Ensuring those folks have safe working environments and working to keep them employed is vital.” – Derrick, engineering team


“Every day is like an episode of the show ‘How It’s Made.’ It’s fascinating to learn how everyday products are produced. There are so many people and intricate details to create even a simple product. Technology is here to make it even easier.” – Katelyn, solutions team


“It’s exciting to work in an industry that has been historically underserved by technology, where challenges (and therefore opportunities) are huge.” – Jonathan, engineering team

jake piehnik-1

“They make products that are real and tangible, that people depend on.” – Jake, product team


“It’s exciting to be able to invigorate and empower workers, and be committed to preserving the dignity of human work in a world where so many companies are willing to build profit at the expense of their employees.” – Wolf, implementation team

pete swanson

“Manufacturing is the backbone of our economic existence.” – Pete, sales team

josh santo

“It’s like your very own, firsthand episode of ‘How It’s Made.’ I’ve seen my most favorite snacks go from veggie to fried and bagged. I’ve watched raw ingredients become fully baked bread. I’ve even gotten to sample the latest microbrew on its quest to be the next big beer. Who else gets to do that?” – Josh, solutions team


“With Parsable, it’s like vacuuming or mowing … you can immediately see the results and make decisions based on the data. No waiting for months to see if the work paid off. The data is right there; you can look at trends and see where to make improvements.” – Lori, project management team


“What’s most exciting is seeing how passionate companies are about their jobs and the products they offer.” – Zakir, people team


“Manufacturing is one of the world’s most important industries, bringing all of the products that enable our lives to reality. It also integrates science, engineering, resources, intelligence and human creativity together to create real things to solve or address day-to-day needs. There is a huge opportunity to transform it.” – Jaime, Latin America team

gt deng2

“Parsable, unlike many startups in Silicon Valley, is empowering the factory worker. It’s exciting to see how our software enables people to be more efficient and accurate.” – G.T., engineering team


“We are working with the men and women who help make the world turn. Manufacturing has the power to bring the world into a more sustainable, prosperous future. Having the opportunity to be a part of that is exciting.” – David, sales team

josh kramer

“Manufacturing supports the things we use!” – Joshua, product team


“It is important that we support the manufacturing industry because they help in the growth of our economy.” – Chelsea, sales team


“Without local manufacturing options, we’re reliant completely on outside entities, which poses significant risks. It’s also key to our development of innovation and intellectual property, and local, close-knit value chains are better for sustainability.” – Clark, customer success team