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Introducing the Parsable Frontline Work Connector for Salesforce

Jake Piehnik

Parsable SalesforceI’m proud to announce the availability of the Parsable Frontline Work Connector for Salesforce in the AppExchange. It’s clear that Salesforce is expanding its footprint to empower frontline workers and serve industrial use cases, first with the launch of Field Service Lightning and more recently with the launch of the Manufacturing Cloud. Our offering in the AppExchange uniquely positions us to help Salesforce’s industrial customers link their system-of-record to execution data and standard operating procedures.

Parsable has proven its success across multiple vertical markets such as aerospace, automotive, chemicals, consumer packaged goods, energy, industrial equipment and packaging. It’s no small feat that industry leaders trust us to power their industrial workflows, and for that I and the entire Parsable team are truly proud and humbled.

Previously, I led the Field Service Lightning product team at Salesforce; I witnessed first-hand the enthusiasm Salesforce customers had in replacing their legacy field solutions with a modern and full-featured Field Service Management system that enabled industrial workers to be their best. With this release, we’re excited to partner with any Salesforce customer to empower their industrial workers with modern digital tools.

Built for Salesforce Lightning, the Parsable Frontline Work Connector enables you to create and link a Parsable Job from any Salesforce record. From within Salesforce, you will also be able to assign users to specific job roles and see the resulting information collected.

Salesforce workorder
Link a Parsable Job from any Salesforce record

Built into the Connector, data flows between Salesforce and Parsable seamlessly. Not only can you pick which direction to synchronize the data, you can set up custom mapping between the two systems.

Salesforce Fieldmapping
Seamlessly sync data between Parsable and Salesforce

With Parsable Applets, any admin can easily set up integrations with external systems to allow workers to send and receive data from the Parsable mobile application. It’s as simple as constructing the API call and dropping a button onto a template.

Salesforce integration
Easily set up integrations with external systems

With endless variations of templates using Parsable Reference Sheets, any template can be easily adapted for a particular location, asset or other variable conditions. Our experience working closely with industrial companies has helped us understand the importance of enabling dynamic templates.

Salesforce templates
Dynamic templates can be easily adapted for various conditions

For any questions you have about Parsable for Frontline Work Connector for Salesforce, reach out to us at