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Green Chef Partners with Parsable to Build Lean Digital Infrastructure

Parsable Team

Green Chef logoWe are thrilled to be publicly announcing Parsable’s collaboration with Green Chef, the market leader in Certified Organic, GMO free, and sustainable meal kits (you can read the press release here). Green Chef is a textbook example of how an excellent company can leverage a novel business model to disrupt a traditional industry with a lean digital infrastructure designed for both speed and scale.

From the very first phone call with Green Chef I could tell that John Childs, Director of Operations Strategy and Technology, was a shrewd thinker. Green Chef is a very data-driven organization, and John immediately recognized the value Parsable could bring to Green Chef: modern, easy-to-use digital tools would enable the company to consistently enforce standard work and provide end-to-end traceability. This fit tightly with John’s key objective of engineering quality into the very fabric of the organization from the very start.

As I met the broader team – including the Head of Quality and CTO – and learned more about the business, I was continually impressed by their ability to execute work at the ground level without losing sight of the company’s overall mission. Parsable’s Digital Disrupters team works with nimble startups who are looking to make a huge impact quickly, and we’ve seen time and again that this mindset is a key ingredient in the success of implementing Connected Worker® by Parsable.

In his own words: “Parsable fit right into our culture because we can see what is actually happening on the floor in near real-time across distributed teams and leverage the data from Parsable to make accurate game-time decisions that immediately drive better results. Six months into our use of Parsable, the platform already more than pays for itself, and Parsable is now helping us scale as well as fine tune cost management,” says John.

On March 20th, 2018 Green Chef announced it was joining forces with HelloFresh, a European-based food distributor that delivers more than one million meals per week in the US and has nearly 1.5M active users across 10 global markets (Source: Forbes). Despite the meal kit space being inundated with competitors, Green Chef’s shrewd planning and steadfast vision has made an impact on the market. We at Parsable are proud to be a piece of this.