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Webinar Recap: The Evolution of the Connected Worker

Connie Sung Moyle

Connected Worker webinar graphicWe recently had the honor of hosting a webinar in partnership with Smart Manufacturing magazine on “The Evolution of the Connected Worker.” Our CEO, Lawrence Whittle, discussed five macro trends driving the connected worker category. He kicked off the presentation by reiterating our company mission to make sure human work and human capital are not left behind along the digital transformation journey, and that humans ultimately raise the competence of any organization as a whole. (Watch the webinar recording.)

Lawrence summarized what Parsable is trying to achieve:

“Really, what we’re about is how do we deliver a platform that can not only digitize standard work instructions, which could be operating procedures, but also enable people to actually interact live, collect data, and ultimately improve the performance of both human workers and their experience, but also of the business.”

He also discussed the need for innovation, frontline worker effectiveness and how the technology landscape is quickly evolving.

Connected worker solutions play a large role in innovation and evolving technology, and the frontline worker business in order to ensure customer success. However, it is more than just digitization, but also about retaining the millennial workforce. In order to achieve this, we have to take into account that workers have differing skill sets. This is when the increase for skilled and semi-skilled workers come into play. Whether it is this year or in years to come, the need for innovation is crucial.

Lawrence summed the webinar up with this final thought, “The whole idea is that you can enable everyone to be digitally enabled with the expertise from the absolute best worker, then ultimately, you’ve made the whole organization from the top floor down to the shop floor smarter because you’re able to capture that tacit knowledge of everyone.”

The need to empower frontline workers with digital tools is, more than ever, critical for industrial organizations to improve business and ensure customer success.

Click below to view the webinar!

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