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Welcome to the August 2022 Product Release

Ana Naus

The August 2022 Product Release is Here!

We’ve been hard at work since our last release making updates to Parsable that make an impact..

In fact, we’re committed to helping you unlock the data and uncover the insights you need to improve your operations and build a more sustainable future.

That’s our our mission, and you can see it in everything we do.


We’ve made nearly 1,000 incremental improvements to various aspects of the Parsable platform in the past few months.

  • Some improvements were slight adjustments and simplifications to how you use different parts of Parsable.
  • Other improvements expanded what you can do with Parsable through new features and functionalities.
  • And a lot of these improvements were investments we made into the infrastructure needed to deliver new features and scalable solutions to you.

Welcome to the August ’22 Parsable Product Release!

Here are just a few of the exciting new features for you to experience —

General Platform Updates

Reach New Users with Korean and Thai Localizations (Coming This September!)

Enable more users and sites to get the same value you get with new localizations for Korean and Thai. You can now collect and aggregate frontline activity data from more users and sites.

Experience Shorter Sync Times

Generate data and access it as soon as possible with sync enhancements for Parsable’s mobile apps.

Integrate Parsable into Your Business

Use our brand new, industry standard, RESTful Parsable APIs to exchange data between Parsable and business critical systems securely. Use the Parsable API to automate job planning, trigger workflows, generate CSV reports, and extract valuable job-related data.

Enhancements for Data & Analytics

Send Data in Batches to Multiple Clouds

Get your data where it needs to go with new multi-cloud support for Batch Data Pipelines.

Improvements to Job Management

Get Better Job Reports

From layout updates to readability improvements, you’ll find it easier to review work and share results through our enhancements to Job Reports.

Most updates will be immediately accessible. You can find additional details on all the need-to-know updates we’ve made to the Parsable platform by checking the Release Notes in the Help Center.