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Stay a step ahead from looming cyber-security attacks targeting manufacturing with Connected WorkerⓇ technology

Ana Naus


Your workday is starting off just like any other, but things are about to change, and quickly. Operations are stopped, leadership is scrambling. What went wrong? As technology continues to advance in the manufacturing industry, so do the risks of cyberattacks. From production delays to equipment malfunctions, the dangers of cyberattacks in manufacturing are more prevalent than ever before. Today, few manufacturers consider how they are currently connecting their frontlines to other systems and applications. And of those who are, are they connected yet isolated in a way that is safe yet enables them to continue operations if other systems go offline? 

Parsable is a leading provider of connected worker platforms that revolutionize industrial operations. These platforms enable workers to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively, ultimately increasing productivity and profitability. But with the rise of cyber security attacks and the potential for disruptions to operations, companies need to prioritize safeguarding their digital infrastructure. Fortunately, Parsable’s connected worker platform provides a range of features that keep workers safe from cyber security attacks while also acting as a fallback to keep operations going. 

One of the most significant benefits of Parsable’s connected worker platform is its robust security features. The platform employs advanced encryption technologies to protect all data stored and transmitted through it. Parsable continuously monitors its platform for any suspicious activity. This means that if any anomalies are detected, Parsable’s infrastructure team will be alerted immediately, and appropriate action will be taken to prevent any further damage.

In addition to keeping workers safe from cyber security attacks, Parsable’s connected worker platform also serves as a fallback to keep operations going. The platform allows workers to access critical information (limited to unaffected systems) and communicate with one another, regardless of their location. 

For example, suppose a factory experiences a network outage that prevents workers from accessing critical systems. In that case, Parsable’s connected worker platform can provide employees with access to critical information and tools to keep operations running in offline mode. This feature is key to keep running operations while the system can be reestablished and once it turns on again sync your data to the cloud. This ensures that any disruption caused by the outage is minimized, ultimately reducing downtime and minimizing the impact on the company’s bottom line.

Connected worker technology is an essential tool for companies looking to improve their operations while also safeguarding their digital infrastructure. With advanced security features and the ability to serve as a fallback to keep operations going, Parsable’s platform provides the reliability and peace of mind that companies need in today’s increasingly complex digital landscape. By investing in Parsable, companies can stay ahead of potential threats while also improving their overall efficiency and productivity.

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