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Parsable Continues Record Growth, Powering Over $1 Trillion in Annual Revenue for Customers and Over 1,000,000 Quarterly Jobs Completed in Q3 2022

Ana Naus


The Parsable team is thrilled to announce continued record growth, now powering $1 trillion in annual revenue for Fortune 500 customers across the world. Our Connected Worker® platform is driving frontline digital transformation and cost efficiencies for our customers by unlocking the data and insights they depend on to build resilient and sustainable operations.

Our customers also completed over 1,000,000 jobs on the platform in Q3 2022, another record and testament to the reliability of the platform. Parsable does this by digitizing workflows and other activities, we call them “jobs”. Jobs include everything from SOPs and SWIs to inspections, audits, forms, checklists, one-point lessons, training and more. 

This is a huge milestone not only for our customers, who are pioneering the way for the digital future of manufacturing, but also for Industry 4.0 at large. 

“Every day I see our customers pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought to be impossible for transforming frontline operations. With so much new data at their fingertips we are able to uncover analog or dark data and turn it into actionable insights at enterprise scale. Parsable is growing because of our customers’ appetite for innovation, insights, and resilience – it’s a great time to be on this journey together.” said Matt Belkin, CEO of Parsable.


Here are three things we’ve learned from our customers on the way past 1,000,000 jobs

  1. Data is powerful. Between July and September of 2022 Parsable customers captured more than 15.9 million new and unique data points. Our customers are constantly collecting new data points that reveal what’s working and what’s not across all frontline operations including production, safety, quality, and more. Not only do they now have visibility into the who, what, when, where, why and how – but they gain critical context like never before.
  2. Bringing new digital tools and software to the frontline takes a shift in mindset. Without effective change management and governance strategies it can be a daunting task. That’s a big part of what makes Parsable different, our ability to support customers not just with enterprise-grade technology but also with the expertise to deploy and manage that change successfully and at scale. It’s how we’ve helped customers deploy thousands of workflow types across 86 countries in more than 20 languages.
  3. The right tools for the job are available. True digitization means having tools that capture data from frontline workers as they complete routine activities on smartphones and tablets. Just one insight can translate into millions of dollars in productivity gains. Our customers use Parsable worldwide in 800+ sites across 86 countries. And they have achieved incredible success like reducing defects by 75% and increasing OEE by 6%, with no need for IT support. The right tools for the job integrate across standard systems, are truly digital, and streamline work being done on the frontline. 


We couldn’t have gotten here without our customers and are constantly inspired by their innovative use of the Connected Worker® platform, and the impact it makes to their businesses. As we move into the digital future together, we look forward to future milestones to come and can’t wait to see all the new and unique ways they use Parsable to build resilient and sustainable operations.

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