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Our Fall 2020 Product Release

Parsable Team

There is no hiding behind it; what is most important to Parsable’s success as a company is having happy customers. As a company we live and breathe the mantra “customer first.” There are many factors that come into play in order to make a customer happy, but one very important aspect is allowing our customers to have the answers as quickly as possible without a delay in their busy schedules.

In an effort to make our customer experience even better, we are integrating more self-service features into Connected Worker® by Parsable. Areas of the product that typically require engaging with another human or a Parsable representative are a golden opportunity to reduce the amount of friction and arm you with information you need to help yourself. This Fall Release has features and enhancements that allow you to move quickly and efficiently all on your own.

Features available today with the Fall 2020 product release include:

Self Service Single Sign-On (SSO)

One such feature is our Self Service Single Sign-On (SSO) experience. Now, you can configure your team’s SSO  (SAML and OIDC) from within Parsable. Previously, you  would reach out to Parsable support and arrange a time to meet to discuss their SSO requirements, configure and test. Now, this configuration is available to your team admins, so you can get set up on your own time.


Self-Service Bearer Tokens

In addition to SSO configuration, self-service bearer tokens have been included in the platform. This means, IT admins can now create and manage their own bearer tokens without help from the Parsable support team. This will reduce friction and save time when creating integrations and calling on the Parsable API.

Self Resolution

Previously, if you encountered a sync error, you would need to reach out to Parsable’s support team. Now we are putting the power back into your hands. Frontline workers are now able to resolve these issues on their own. A worker can either discard information, or re-open the job if they have the appropriate privileges. This will be really impactful for those working offline. When sync errors do arise, you will no longer need to wait for the reply on a support ticket from our team; you will be able to resolve and get back to work on your own.

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 2.58.03 PM

Modernized Sign-In Process

The sign in process is designed to be completely self-service. Whether this is your first time accessing Parsable to create a new account, you are a returning user or you cannot remember your password – nobody wants to be slowed down by the sign-in process. As part of this Fall Release we will be pushing out a new modernized version of the login and sign-in page. The biggest difference you will see is a new modern image on the login page. But, for those with an eye for detail, you will also notice a simplified workflow to create an account and password.

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 1.08.05 PM (1)

Help Center

As a continued effort to make your team as self-sufficient as possible while using Parsable, we continue to dedicate time and resources to enhance our help center. With the latest Fall Release you will find comprehensive information on what you can expect to see in the release notes and each feature has a supporting educational article.

In addition to the help center, we also created pop-up messages to call out the new features. This way, the first time you log into Parsable, you will be immediately directed to the new features. The help center and new feature pop-ups are available in four languages. No need to worry about taking time to translate the information; we took care of that for you.

Screen Recording 2020-11-09 at 10.55.05 AM

We hope you enjoy our latest product enhancements. We are no longer in the ages of lengthy implementations and ongoing service work. SaaS solutions must enable their customers to do it themselves. Based on your feedback, we understand you want to be self-sufficient and work on your own timeline. That is why all our new features and feature enhancements are focused on giving you all the information you need to be successful.

For more information on the Fall Release please check out our Release Notes.