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Make Informed Decisions Faster with Our Latest Product Release

Ana Naus


Everything we do at Parsable is central to our mission.

We unlock the data and insights industrial leaders need to improve operations and build a more sustainable future.

But why is that needed? What does that enable industrial leaders — at any and all levels — to actually do?

It helps them get the right information.

At the right time.

So that they can make the right decisions.

The right information at the right time helps workers at all levels make the right decisions faster than ever before. 

And that’s what this product launch is all about— making informed decisions, faster across the frontline.

We’re excited to share with you the powerful new capabilities launching today.

Adapt Workflows with Conditional Logic

Procedures and processes are often standard, however, they don’t account for every variable. As different conditions emerge throughout the day, operations must adapt — quickly. If they don’t, productivity and safety may be at risk. 

Conditional logic enables your teams to respond dynamically to unexpected conditions from within the Parsable mobile app. Template authors use if/then logic statements to specify conditions that will reveal data inputs or reveal next steps to be taken. For frontline workers, a template will adapt dynamically to the information logged at each step of a process. As a result, equipment operators are able to make the best decisions quickly when faced with changing conditions because the next steps to take are right at their fingertips.

Analyze Trends In the Moment with Historical Values

Trends left untracked lead to performance issues. Without the right context, it is next to impossible to assess the risk the trend poses to operations. In order to spot problems or issues before they happen, you need access to the right data. The people with that data today are not on the frontline.

With Historical Values, your frontline workers now have a simple and seamless way to review data, spot trends and take action, all within a single application. Historical Values provide frontline workers access to previous results for specific inputs as determined by template authors. With this newly surfaced data and their own expertise, frontline workers can take action preemptively. By empowering frontline workers to perform self-guided, in-the-moment trend analysis, operations can take preventive action and make decisions faster.

Protect Personal Privacy with PII Tagging

Protecting people goes beyond the physical environment. With so much of the world connected digitally, the personally identifiable information (PII) of each worker must be protected. 

To remain in compliance with regulations, industrial operators must ensure the PII of individual workers is protected. Template authors can now use a PII toggle to flag input fields that capture PII. This new metadata field makes it easier to find, manage and, when required, purge PII.


All customers are eligible to get access to these brand new additions to their Connected Worker platform of choice. 

And if you’re just now hearing about Parsable, well guess what — you can get access to these capabilities, too.


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