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Learn How Global Cement Manufacturing Leaders Are Using Digitalization To Future Proof Their Frontline Operations


In this exclusive roundtable with leaders from two of the largest cement manufacturers in the world, you’ll hear how Holcim & CEMEX are using Parsable’s Connected Worker® to empower their frontline workforce.

In our time together, we explore topics like:

  • What led them to prioritize digitization on the frontline
  • Different strategies & change management tactics for implementing Connected Worker®
  • How data from Parsable is helping them make an impact

In the own words of our speakers:

It’s that flow of information and really, it can be very time-consuming, particularly if you’re tasked with multiple objectives out at the site, at the plants. Now we’ve got a system where when they enter the information into their digital device, it automatically is available to us so we’ve eliminated a number of steps. That was a huge advance for us.

-James Carroll, Environment & Land Director, Holcim


If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a million, That’s what I like to say. When you’re trying to help one person help a lot of other people, sometimes just getting that video shared among a group of people can really help with the troubleshooting and solving of the problem. 

– Steven Switzer, Cemex Plant Manager


James Carroll

Director, Environment & Land, Holcim

Steven Switzer

Plant Manager, Cemex

Josh Santo, Parsable

Josh Santo

Host of Conquering Chaos

Companies on Their Connected Worker Journey with Parsable