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Connect & Learn: How to Minimize Unplanned Downtime with Mobile-First Maintenance Requests

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How quickly can your maintenance team find out about, diagnose, and resolve production-halting issues? 

You’d be surprised by how common inefficiencies in this process impact operational results.

Many Lean organizations overlook the waste that exists within their frontline workflows and processes. Waste like waiting, non-value added processing, and even unused talent.

Most processes for requesting maintenance intervention could be improved and lead to big gains in uptime, throughput, and more.

In the latest episode of Connect & Learn, our crew will show you how industry leading operations raise and respond to maintenance requests. You’ll see how you can minimize unplanned downtime and create a more adaptable, agile frontline operation by enabling next-level collaboration on the floor. You’ll learn how to:

  • Digitize your maintenance requests
  • Enable your frontline workforce through mobile collaboration & workflow
  • Get insights from new data points on frontline activity

Josh Santo, Parsable

Josh Santo

Host of Conquering Chaos Podcast


Pierre Pora

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