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International Frontline Worker Survey

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What do frontline manufacturing workers around the world want?

We surveyed 1,400 frontline manufacturing workers in the United States, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom to get their views on their jobs, the role of technology, and the pandemic’s continuing impact.

In this webinar recording, experts Jaime Urquidi, Manufacturing Industry Lead at Parsable and Josh Santo, host of Conquering Chaos unveil the findings of the survey, including:

  • What motivates workers to stay with their current companies – and what influences their decision to leave
  • What tools and technologies are available to help them work better – and what’s lacking
  • How the pandemic has impacted the way they perceive their jobs and value – and whether they believe their companies are stepping up

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Jaime Urquidi

Manufacturing Industry Lead | Parsable
Formerly: Quality & Systems Lead, Walmart
Factory Director, Unilever

Josh Santo, Parsable

Josh Santo

Product Marketing Manager | Host of Conquering Chaos Podcast, Parsable