Webinar / Manufacturing Leaders

Learn How Global Cement Manufacturing Leaders Are Using Digitalization To Future Proof Their Frontline Operations

December 8, 2022 | 11am - 12pm ET / 17:00 CET

A roundtable with leaders from Holcim & CEMEX on giving workers a digital edge.

Cement industry leaders who leverage digital tools can reap the benefits of greater productivity and lowered costs across the board. 

By taking action – empowering frontline operators and supervisors with digital tools and processes – cement companies can increase productivity, improve safety standards and strengthen environmental compliance.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Take the word of your peers.

In this exclusive roundtable with leaders from two of the largest cement manufacturers in the world, you’ll hear how Holcim & CEMEX are using Parsable’s Connected Worker® to empower their frontline workforce.

In our time together, we’ll explore topics like:

  • What led them to prioritize digitization on the frontline
  • Different strategies & change management tactics for implementing Connected Worker®
  • How data from Parsable is helping them make an impact

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from industry experts.

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James Carroll

Director, Environment & Land, Holcim

Steven Switzer

Plant Manager, Cemex

Josh Santo, Parsable

Josh Santo

Host of Conquering Chaos

Companies on Their Connected Worker Journey with Parsable