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Expert Panel: Factory Tech For Worker Retention

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It’s no secret that manufacturing is struggling to recruit and retain skilled workers.

Despite the challenges of the past year, manufacturers are ready to get back to work – yet worker retention remains a challenge.

The pandemic left many people out of work, which coincided with an increase in demand for manufactured goods. If these challenges aren’t addressed, they’ll only get worse before they get better and manufacturers will continue to struggle.

Learn from our panel of industry experts in advanced manufacturing technology, who share their insights into how leveraging the right technology solutions can alleviate compounding pressures and improve worker retention.

Watch the recording where we covered:

  • Automation – tools to reduce the burden placed on frontline workers
  • Connected Worker – the importance of a consumer-like digital experience for workers
  • Artificial Intelligence – eliminate non-value added activities with faster time to insight

Watch the Recording!


Jake Hall

‘The Manufacturing Millennial’ and Smart Factory Expert

Willem Sundblad

Co-Founder & CEO at Oden Technologies and AI Expert

Lawrence Whittle

CEO at Parsable and Connected Worker® Expert