The 'S' in ESG: The Role of Sustainability in Worker Well-being

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Most companies think of the ‘S’ in ESG as improvements and governance around social well-being for workers and employees. But core to social well-being, especially in manufacturing and industrial settings, are sustainability and worker safety. Without transparent and measurable health and safety programs in place, companies can’t deliver on basic social needs.

Data can close the gap between corporate-driven social wellbeing goals and what’s actually happening on the plant floor. In this webinar, we discussed:

  • The importance of sustainability and worker health and safety when devising broader ESG goals, including the reputational and financial risks
  • How data and technology are essential to ensure corporate ESG goals are being met on the frontlines
  • Best practices from a CPG leader on how to improve not just employee health and safety, but measurement of those initiatives to meet strategic ESG targets

Watch the recording!

Watch the recording:


Leilani Latimer

Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer, Fair Trade USA


Jaime Urquidi

Principal Industry Expert,

Yasmin Zarabi

Head of ESG & General Counsel, Parsable