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Parsable Launches Powerful Data and Template Management Capabilities to Scale Connected Worker® Across the Enterprise

New data services enable manufacturing and industrial companies to gather critical insights into frontline work activity; enhanced template management makes it easy to effectively scale work processes across sites

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SAN FRANCISCO – April 28, 2022 Parsable, provider of Connected Worker®, the platform for frontline industrial work, today announced the release of several new features for manufacturers to increase their visibility into frontline work and to optimize operational performance across the enterprise.

With the new Connected Worker product offerings, manufacturers and industrial companies can:

  • Utilize continuous, access-controlled data to gain insights and drill down at any level – from a global view to gain executive visibility on trends and key metrics, to regional, line and task views performed by the frontline worker – and make continuous improvements to operational procedures at enterprise scale.
  • Quickly and continuously sync data to business intelligence and analytics tools, and identify trends, efficiencies and inefficiencies.
  • Automatically transfer data and send updates to business-critical systems, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and/or computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), to trigger event-driven workflows and save time.

Parsable also released new job template management functionality that makes it easier for companies to roll out standard operating procedures (SOPs) globally while preserving the ability to customize the SOPs as needed for local or site-specific requirements. 

Said Josh Santo, Parsable director of product marketing:

“Any and every important business decision today must be validated by data. In the complex and fast-moving world of manufacturing, getting the right information, at the right time, to take the right action, is still a huge challenge. It’s a key reason why the variables impacting operational results go undiscovered. 

“With Parsable’s latest Connected Worker product release, companies now have unprecedented access to big data on frontline work activities that can be quickly analyzed to help make those critical and timely decisions. Manufacturers can surface these inherent inefficiencies that are prevalent across lines, shifts and sites, then adapt and scale improvements across the enterprise.”

Optimized Data Access, Capture and Analysis for Manufacturing

parsable data pipeline

Parsable’s new data offerings optimize the ability to access, capture and analyze frontline work data for business intelligence and business analytics initiatives: 

  • Streaming Data Pipeline: Parsable’s new streaming data pipeline provides a continuous data feed to power the integrations and real-time business intelligence dashboards that manufacturers rely on to collect and aggregate information on frontline operations. Teams can get access to a continuous stream of work activity data captured through the Parsable mobile app – like a step completed in an SOP, or a job completion – as they happen. The data from the streaming data pipeline can also trigger workflows in event-driven systems like ERP or CMMS.
  • Batch Data Pipeline: With Parsable’s new batch data pipeline, a full history of operational data can be conveniently shipped daily in batches from Parsable’s enterprise-grade-secure cloud to a company’s cloud. The batch data pipeline makes it easy for manufacturers to systematically discover trends and insights on frontline work for continuous improvement. This data can be used for predictive analytics and to power next-best action recommendations as part of a broader business analytics initiative.

Easier Job Template Management, Locally and Globally

Recognizing that centralized SOPs often need to be adjusted on a site-by-site or region-by-region basis, Parsable’s new job template management capabilities enable the creation of a master template that can be easily adapted locally and reduce administrative work. 

Teams now can set a standard job template at a global level that can then be accessed, adapted and adopted at a local level. This ensures compliance to central standards for a job or work process, while providing the flexibility to modify the process as needed. This also makes it possible to scale updates to standard processes worldwide with just a few clicks.

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