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Anadarko Puts Chevron On The Clock By Re-Opening Merger Talks With Oxy

April 29, 2019

Forbes Magazine

Whichever acquiring company ultimately prevails here must be fully prepared to quickly combine assets and efficiently integrate the two organizations or it could face similar negative impacts from Wall Street.

In an April 26 email, Lawrence Whittle, CEO of the industry solutions firm Parsable, said that “The complexities of such a move, which encompass everything from addressing cultural differences, aligning core business infrastructure, and agreeing on business goals and operational processes, are as complex as the Permian Basin itself.

“The winning suitor will need to take great care to break down silos and merge operations quickly, safely, and effectively. Technology will play an important role in this process, enabling executives and managers to monitor and enforce compliance, enable collaboration and inform best practices, and maintain the highest levels of safety despite the volatility that major change can fuel.”

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