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An Upstream Digital Solution For the ENERGY INDUSTRY

Parsable Team

“An estimated 13 percent reduction in accidents and injuries can be achieved in the next decade by connecting workers digitally.”

— World Economic Forum

Picture this: field workers are scribbling down handwritten notes. Other members of the team are referencing heavy hard copy books or binders that are nowhere near the job site. Important guidelines, observations, communications, and guidelines are completely disorganized or lost. Productivity is low and work-related accidents/injuries are high. What is missing here?

The missing piece of this complex puzzle is the technology to simplify these tasks. Oil workers do not have the digital solutions to complete the task that many of their industry counterparts do. This is highly unfortunate as operational procedures are essential to follow in order to be efficient, safe, and effective, especially when in high-risk environments.

A variety of other modern-day industries have already digitized their processes including:

  • Chip Manufacturers have adopted stringent digital requirements for all processes to achieve reliable outputs that produce consistent and predictable performances. 
  • Aviation Companies know that millions of customers’ lives are at stake every day. Maintenance and on board crews must never skip ahead on their checklists, even if it means a late gate departure. The drive to standardize work processes thus never stops.
  • Healthcare Companies believe that patient safety is always a concern. Digital charts have helped standardize and document care. It has been well documented in medical environments that the simple enforcement of team-based work processes can dramatically reduce patient complications. 

Finally, there are now digital solutions for the oil and gas field. Parsable technology exists to enable digital, collaborative work among supervisors, engineers, field technicians, suppliers, and more.

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Learn more about the benefits of digitization in the American Oil & Gas Reporter article, “Upstream Digital Solutions: Real-Time Collaboration Breeds Cost Efficiency.” You’ll also discover that:

  • Collaboration is a necessary companion to digitization. Having a tool that enables immediate and effective collaboration both within and external to an organization helps ensure that decisions are made with transparency and complete information.
  • Teamwork is essential. Oversight requires a physical presence, and it can be difficult to completely verify work done without being present at all times.
  • Processes improve with feedback. Arguably the most compelling advance made by taking processes digital is the ability to capture, distribute and leverage feedback for process improvement.

Check out the Upstream Digital Solutions article where top Parsable advisers share their insight into this exciting opportunity for the energy industry.