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Create Antifragile Systems to Thrive During Times of Volatility and Change

Parsable Team

In Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, author N. Taleb writes that antifragile systems improve or get stronger when unexpected, volatile events happen. The first step toward antifragility consists of decreasing downside, rather than increasing upside; that is, by lowering exposure to negatives and letting natural antifragility work by itself. Central to this decrease in downside is optionality. Taleb asserts that prediction in the modern world is impossible. Instead of trying to predict what is going to happen, position yourself in such a way that you have optionality. That way whatever happens, all you have to do is evaluate it once you have all the information and make a rational decision.

Parsable’s core methodology is dynamic adaptability and collaboration between all disparate groups within an organization. This connection allows for information to be assessed in real time and alternative options to be enacted. Instead of attempting to predict the future, Parsable creates a system within your company that actually grows stronger when the unexpected happens.

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