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Our Commitment to Sustainability, on Earth Day and Beyond

Lawrence Whittle

A Letter From Our CEO

Dear Parsable employees, shareholders, customers, and partners:

April 22, 2021, is Earth Day. A day to reflect on the life we live and the planet we live on. Amid the disruption caused over the last year by the global pandemic and the resulting challenges to supply chains, what’s clear to me is that we have an incredible opportunity to harness digital technology to help shape a sustainable and inclusive world that we all want to live in. 


Like many companies, Parsable is passionate about ESG, of which sustainability is a critical component. We are steadfast in our company mission to improve the lives of the frontline workers. Connected Worker® from Parsable improves productivity, quality, safety and overall satisfaction while operating in a world demanding ever-increasing sustainability. Our mission drives everything we do, highlighting our passion to empower frontline workers and the lasting companies they build. Being digital-first, to those on the front lines delivering the goods and services that are essential to our everyday lives, also addresses the industrial world’s challenge of achieving sustainability. 

In pursuit of our mission, we are building a highly successful cloud software business. We are proud to do so by working with industrial companies who are all pursuing ways to benefit our planet. Our customers, partners and investors are like-minded in seeing this urgent need, and they expect all constituents to take action toward positively impacting sustainability. We’re committed to working across the public and private sectors to foster partnerships and solutions that will impact a sustainable future.

We must protect our most finite resource – the planet – by working toward a more sustainable future. Over the past year, many of our global industrial customers have set ambitious climate goals including to be carbon negative, to have zero fatalities or zero waste, and to be water positive in the near future. For example, Yara International has committed to having no fatalities by 2025. Coca-Cola is committing to make 100% of their packaging recyclable globally by 2025, and to use no less than 50% recycled material in all packaging by 2030.​ 

We are committed to innovating and empowering customers around the world with technology to help them achieve these aggressive goals. Connected Worker was built for this era – To allow the manufacturing industry to empower their employees with digitization, to harness reduction in energy and valuable resources such as water and energy, and to optimize operations to keep employees safe and secure.

Lastly, we will only achieve our mission if we are also true to our culture. We fundamentally believe that we need a culture founded in diversity and inclusion, in which our differences are respected and valued. By facilitating dialogue, education and community service, and improving internal policies, we’re building a connected community where everyone can come to work as their best, most authentic self.

I am grateful to all of our constituents that are part of our community and the future of our planet. Let’s celebrate Earth Day and look forward to a more sustainable future.


Lawrence Whittle

To learn more about  Parsable’s sustainability approach, listen to this episode of our podcast, “Conquering Chaos.”